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  • Dumb Money - This article gives tips on how to assess credit card fees and determine whether you actually need the card you have.
  • Money Saver - While climbing out of debt can be a struggle, it has many benefits in the long run. The author of this article points out a few of these benefits.
  • Eliminate Debt - The author of this articles presents some tips for debt free living in an easy-to-read list format.
  • Debt Proof Living - This article talks about the need to watch spending closely, especially during the holidays.
  • Debt Free Living - This article discusses the need for an emergency fund and also the need for people to realize the learning experience that financial difficulties present.
  • Debtor's Disease - This gives tips on how to recognize the symptoms of "debtor's disease."
  • Patience is Required - This article gives step-by-step information about the process of getting out of debt.
  • Debt Free Living - The information in this article mainly consists of advice on how to allocate resources towards paying off debt.
  • Collection Agencies - Although collection agencies have a bad name, this article points out their real purpose and how it can be helpful.
  • Eliminate Debt - This article focuses on how to eliminate debt during the "empty nest" years to allow for retirement savings.
  • Getting Out of Debt - This article puts a Christian perspective on the process of getting out of debt.
  • Lessons from the Depression - History often presents solutions to present-day problems. This article explores the lessons that can be learned about frugality from the Great Depression.
  • Living Without Debt - This article gives the author's own opinion on extreme money saving practices by pointing out the pro's and con's of this type of a lifestyle.
  • 3 Tips to Get Out of Debt Fast - At times, the process of becoming debt-free can become a burden. However, this article points out that it can save major financial headaches from occurring in the future.
  • How We Did It - The author of this article discusses how she and her husband stayed debt free on a small income.
  • 8 Money Principles - This article discusses several different ways to become and stay debt free.
  • Debt Free Plan - The author of this article discusses some ways to get out of debt faster by gradually increasing loan payments.
  • Budgets - This article talks about one family's efforts to become debt free.
  • Debt Free Life - In this article, the author gives several different tips that can help make a person debt free.
  • Going "Debt Free" - This article takes a look at the psychological side of debt and what being debt free can do for your mind.
  • Happy to be at Home - Overboard spending can really do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The author of this article explains how she and her husband worked their way out of debt.
  • Dog Ate My Finances - The author of this article shares a few remarks on how they got out of debt and also shares a breakdown of the types of debt payed off.