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Everyone knows that they need to stay in shape. Gyms use this to help encourage people to sign up for memberships that people often don't ever use. Paying for the right to exercise is not beneficial--exercising is what is beneficial.

Are Gym Membership Worth The Cost[edit]

If you spend an hour, ever day at the gym, then paying $30 to $50 per month may be well worth it. At $30 per month you are paying about $1 per visit, which is probably a reasonable deal. However, if you only go once each week, that $30 per month turns into $7.50 per visit.

Make sure you look at the cost of the gym based on your actual usage.

Pay As You Go[edit]

Many gyms give you an option of paying per visit. If you go often, it is more expensive than a membership, but it is a great way to make sure you are actually going to go enough to justify the membership fees. For many people, paying as you go is actually cheaper than a membership.

Other Exercise[edit]

Walking a few miles two or three times each week, would do wonders for most people's health. The cost of walking is only a pair of walking shoes--something you probably already have.

If you want to start exercising, you don't have to start with the most expensive option (gym membership) first. You can start out by walking and once you get to the point that you've made exercise a part of your weekly schedule, investigate the gym membership.

Exercise is more about developing healthy habits than it is about joining a club. A $2 jump rope used daily will give you more health benefits than irregular trips to the gym.

Home Equipment[edit]

There is a huge market of home exercise equipment. Most people buy this type of equipment and never use it. This means that there is a huge amount of equipment for sale at low prices that people are just trying to get out of their house. A Nordic Trac ski machine that sells for $700 new, can be found at garages sales for as little as $5. A $1500 elliptical machine that sells for $1500 new can be found for $500 on Craigs List.

Unless your gym has child care, you may get more usage out of equipment at home than at the gym if you have small children.