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Most people don't want to change their lifestyle--even to get out of debt. Changing your lifestyle means giving up things. It might mean taking a simpler vacation at a nearby campground instead of a Caribbean resort. It could mean doing away with cable television or a second care. It could mean canceling your cell phone service or even selling your house and moving to a cheaper place.

To get out of debt, you will have to start living well below your means. You need to free up extra money to pay off your loans. The only way to make that happen is to start making sacrifices in other areas. If you are unwilling to make lifestyle changes you are in good company. The vast majority of Americans will be in debt until they die.

The main problem is that people tend to see downgrading their standard of living as a negative thing. Part of this is peer pressure. The people around you may be getting new cars, bigger houses, new gaming systems, bigger televisions, etc. You will have to decide that keeping up with everyone else is less important than financial freedom. If you want to truly be free, you are going to have to take some steps toward lowering your expenses and that will probably mean doing away with some of the nice things that all your friends have.

Don't forget your friends are probably just going into debt to maintain their standard of living. Don't let peer pressure keep you from taking steps toward getting out of debt. Your friends may not understand at first, but if you apply the discipline necessary to live debt free, you'll eventually be in a position that they will all envy.